• About Me

    I am Grace DeSant, a user experience designer & arts entrepreneur based in Chicago, IL.

    My journey in the art & design started when I was 6 years-old I won a local art contest that the Big Bear Airport was holding - from there, I was hooked on drawing and making visual art. I was the "art kid" through and through. That is, until I discovered performing arts.

    I ended up dedicating most of my life studying acting, singing, and dancing. I moved out of my family home at age 16 to attend a the Orange County School of the Arts. During college, I started to explore directing and choreography, for I had discovered a deep yearning and love for curating experiences and storytelling via intentional staging and expressive movement design.

    Since graduating with my BA in Theatre and Dance minor, I've worked as an independent artist in Chicago for the near decade that I've called this city home, and learned valuable skills in project management, event coordination, branding, marketing and production design.

    Amidst my journey working as an independent artist, I discovered the field of User Experience Design and it dawned on me - I've already been curating user experiences for audiences for years. From that moment, I knew it was time for me to pivot & merge my passions into one.

    I enrolled in General Assembly's User Experience Design Immersive with the intention to use my empathetic and intuitive design instincts for good. My biggest goals with UX Design is to specialize in accessibility design and UI design as way to work towards bringing more inclusivity and equity into digital products, and ultimately, the world through my art and design.

    Want to work together, or get to know me more? Let's chat!