• Viet Nom Nom

    Website Re-Design Case Study

  • Introduction

    Viet Nom Nom is a modern vietnamese restaurant whose motto is "Healthy Just Got Tastier."
    From sourcing fresh, local ingredients, to forging community partnerships and being a 3rd generation restaurant owner, our stakeholder had a lot at stake when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

    I worked on this case study with a small team of independent UX Designers to discover, define, design and deliver an impactful solution to the business owner's needs.


    After a lean 3-week design sprint, my team and I successfully created a high-fidelity mockup of our website proposal. Our proof of concept demonstrated our ability to build a meaningful product that could help a business potentially recover lost profits from the pandemic, and helped us realize the opportunities for helping out more local businesses hurt by COVID-19 with this kind of website optimization.

    My Role:
    User Interface
    User Interviews
    Business Analysis
    Persona Creation
    User Testing

    My Team:
    Bianca Gay
    Semaje Bell


    Google Sheets

  • Goals

    Viet Nom Nom's main business priorities were to address the financial impact & safety concerns of COVID-19, continue to support their community with partnerships and mentorships, and to share their rich and unique story.


    After conducting our user research and interviewing the business owner Alan Moy, we discovered a gaping hole in Viet Nom Nom's website and branding: their identity wasn't accurately reflected on their website.

    We focused on solving this problem by redesigning the "Home" page, creating an "About" page, and creating a "COVID-19 Response" page.

    Success Criteria

    For this project to be considered a success, we wanted to deliver a solution that would make the business owner's efforts feel seen and heard.

    We measured this criteria by conducting 5 user tests on our prototype. Each user gave positive feedback and expressed interest in patronage to Viet Nom Nom after learning more about their story.

  • Viet Nom Nom's Business Priorities

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    Community Support & Partnerships

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    Mentorship Opportunities

  • User Research

    The team conduced several user interviews, and from them we were able to synthesize that feedback to garner an understanding of user desires through these statements and create user personas:

    "I use brands and companies that are transparent with who & how they do business

    "I prefer to support local businesses that I feel connected to instead of a large chain."

    "I take all the precautions to avoid getting sick, and I need businesses to do the same.


    "I need to do a lot of research about the food I eat before buying it."

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  • Business Research & Analysis

    Usability Testing

    We had users test the current Viet Nom Nom website, and we discovered 3 issues:

    1. The Landing Page was too text heavy.
    2. It was difficult to find out any information about the company itself
    3. The Top Navigation links were placed in unintuitive spaces, or were repeated. 

    Competitive Analysis

    The team compared & contrasted the websites of other Chicago-area restaurants that had similar customer demographics, and conducted elemental analysis and feature comparisons. Unanimously, each competitor had a distinct and easy to find "About Us" page dedicated to sharing their business story & history with their patrons.

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  • Design

    After identifying the main challenge, our solution was to design for three different sections of the website. I started with rough sketches of potential wireframes, developed them into greyscale wireframes, and then created a hi-fidelity prototype.


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    Home Page

    Updates & changes made to this page's redesign include omitting the section of text that appears first on the homepage, and replaced it with a carousel.

    Below that includes a collage of images that link to different pages.

    I included a section dedicated to Veit Nom Nom's story.

    Lastly, I envisioned a social media content section that syncs with Alan's most up to date posts to really show off their community connection and digital marketing savvy.

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    About Page

    The "About Page" was a very important page to consider to help tell the Viet Nom Nom story in a clear and compelling way.

    Using a flowing checkered grid of images and copy, I lay out sections for "Our Story," "Our Founder," and "Our Menu. As you scroll down, there are sections featuring community outreach and business partnerships.


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    Test out the Prototype yourself!

    Click the image below!

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  • User Testing

    User testers were a total of 4 tasks to complete on the prototype, and while we had a high success rate on this first round of testing, I see opportunity for improvement in completion time.

    Find out about out outdoor seating.

    • Rate of Success: 100%
    • Average Completion Time: 50 seconds

    Who is the Owner?

    • Rate of Success: 100%
    • Average Completion Time: 10 seconds

    Find Viet Nom Nom's partnerships.

    • Rate of Success: 100%
    • Average Completion Time: 17 seconds

    What are Viet Nom Nom's business hours?

    • Rate of Success: 100%
    • Average Completion Time: 19 seconds

    User Feedback

    During our user testing, we sought out users' opinions of Viet Nom Nom and the prototype. Unanimously, users were surprised at how simple & easy navigating the prototype was.

  • Conclusion

    Overall, our stakeholder Alan Moy was thoroughly impressed and thrilled with our design solutions. We were able to help him feel seen and heard by delivering a product that showcased his story as a business owner, and address his some of his biggest concerns within the short 3-week timeframe we had to collaborate on this project.

    With more time, I would create some new iterations from the insights we gathered from testing, and to include some other goals that the business owner had for location expansion and adding a potential eCommerce store for a grocery bodega.

    Changes I would make for a future hi-fidelity product would be:

    • Adjust spacing on website to include more white space
    • Develop a menu page within the website, and replace the downloadable PDF of the current menu
    • Add business hours/info onto the "About Page"
    • Incorporate more social media feed syncing onto the home page & test around placement of this section

    By advocating for the users (and future patrons of Viet Nom Nom), I strive to convey powerful, enticing storytelling through easeful design.